Teacher Profile



  • From UK

Sheffield University(undergraduate)
Sussex University(masters)
Time in Japan
Since 2010
Time Teaching
Since 2012

I’m really interested in museums and galleries and that’s what I did my thesis on, how museums can help young children learn.


What do you think is special about Gnokids compared to other English Schools?


There are lots of things that I think are special about Gnokids! The puppet show is really unique. The fact that the children can watch and practice English everyday at home means they come to class well prepared, knowing the vocabulary and phrases. This means in class we can focus on using the words and having fun! As there are two teachers children can see real communication. The children want to understand what the teachers are saying so from a young age they develop fantastic listening skills. Also the lessons are so varied that children develop other skills, not just English. We do activities to help their motor development, imagination, social skills and mathematical awareness. You can see children develop in a lot of different ways.

グノキッズが他の学校と比べて特別だと思うところはたくさんあります!まず、YouTube教材のパペットショーはとてもユニークです。レッスンの日までにお子さまが、毎日家で英語を見たり練習したりできるということは、単語やフレーズをよく知り、よく準備してからレッスンに臨めるということです。そのため、クラスでは単語やフレーズを実際に使って、楽しむことに集中できます! 講師が2人いるので、お子さまは実際のコミュニケーションを見ることができます。講師が何と言っているかわかりたいという意欲もあり、素晴らしいリスニング能力も持っています。レッスンからは英語だけでなく、運動能力の発達、想像力、社会的スキル、数学的認識なども身に付けることができますので、保護者の方々にはお子さまの能力の向上をさまざまな面から見ていただくことができます。

What is most important to you when teaching children?


To me the most important thing when teaching children is making a connection with every single child. When you get to know all the children on an individual basis, you know their likes and what they find challenging. Through this you can understand how to help them develop and progress.


What do you think has helped your students improve the most?


Of course the homework system is really great at encouraging students to practice everyday. Doing a little bit everyday helps you improve quickly. Also at Gnokids I’ve worked with lots of fantastic teachers. I’ve seen lots of children become motivated to study English because their teacher has inspired them. They are having fun in class or their teacher was really impressed with their homework so they want to learn more and more.


If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be?


I would like to live in France. I studied some French at school and I think the language is really beautiful. I’ve been there a lot on holiday but I’ve always wanted to stay longer. I could spend my time eating macarons everyday!


Where do you want to go in the world?


I would love to visit Iceland to see the northern lights. As it’s not far from England lots of my friends have been there and said it’s a really lovely country. They said the hot springs are amazing!


If you had an extra hour in the day what would you do?


I’d like to spend more time reading books and skyping my family. I have a really big family; one brother, two sisters and six nieces and nephews! Sometimes it’s hard to get a chance to speak to them all!


What’s your favourite children’s book?


I love a lot of children’s books so it’s hard for me to pick! I really love Roald Dahl’s books. I love all the made up words and funny characters.

私はお子さま向けの本が大好きなので選ぶのが難しいですが、たくさんある中でも特に楽しいキャラクターと、美しく紡がれた言葉が特徴的なRoald Dahlの本は大好きです。

What are your favourite places in Japan?


I really like the countryside. Japan is a great place for hiking. I’ve been to Kamikochi and Oze and I found both of those places really peaceful and beautiful.


What are the best things to do in Tokyo?


I really like shopping so I love visiting different department stores and vintage shops. In Tokyo there are so many shops! Also eating out with friends. Even cheap food tastes fantastic here, but in London that’s not the case.


What do you miss most about England?


Of course my family! Because we’re such a big family there’s always somebody’s birthday to celebrate, so we have lots of parties! I also miss British tea. I have to get my family to send it to me in the post.