GnoKids headed to the park over Golden Week to enjoy some lovely weather and the outdoors!グノキッズでは、今年のゴールデンウィークは公園へ行って、素敵な天気とアウトドアを楽しみました!

We warmed up with some stretching and parachute play. It was a little tough using the parachute to pass the ball to our friends, but in the end we got the hang of it, and had a great time!


On the run with Sam, in search of the letter “S”! We got plenty of exercise while practicing our phonics with a letter matching run-and-touch game.


What’s in the bag? It’s our friend Teddy! He helped us get the lesson started, but then he went missing! Fortunately he left us a letter to help us figure out where he was hiding. After solving a tricky phonics puzzles, we got the final clue we needed and reunited with our friend!

バッグの中には何がいるかな? 私たちのお友達、テディです!テディはレッスンの準備を手伝ってくれましたが、その後どこかへ消えてしまいました。幸いにも、テディはどこに隠れているか文字のヒントをくれました。少し難しいフォニックスのパズルを解いた後、答えに必要な最後のヒントを手に入れて、テディと再会することができました!

Taking advantage of being outside in nature, we gathered interesting leaves, twigs, rocks, and flowers from the park, and used natural salt-dough to make nature imprints. The kids got to take these home to bake in the microwave and use as jewelry or decorations!


We had a visit from another animal friend. This time it was the Eensy Weensy Spider (although judging from that picture, I’d say he’s gotten pretty big for a spider!!!) He’s always getting washed away on rainy days, but with some help from the kids and some nice sunny weather, we sent him off safe and happy.

私たちは他の動物のお友達も訪ねました。今回はEensy Weensy Spiderでした。(この写真を見ると、クモにしてはとっても大きくなっちゃってるね!!!)彼はいつも雨の日には水に流されてしまうのだけれども、子どもたちの助けと、いい天気のおかげで、無事楽しく最後まで遊ぶことができました。

Round and round we go, singing Ring-a-Ring-a-Rosie. The kids

picked up on the words quickly, and by the end we were going so fast that our feet couldn’t keep up with our mouths! After our last round of “We all fall down!”, we were all ready for a drink and a snack.

ぐるぐる回りながらRing-a-Ring-a-Rosieという歌を歌いました。子どもたちは言葉を早く聞き取り、歌うことができ、最後には歌に足がついていけないくらい早く歌うことができました!“We all fall down!”と最後の一周を終えた時には、みんなは飲み物とスナックを楽しむための体の準備ができていました。

Everyone brought their favorite munchies, and we all enjoyed a relaxing picnic. All the kids were so generous! They shared their snacks with the other children, and even offered some to the teachers. It was a great chance for parents to chat with the teachers and staff as well. We really enjoyed hearing about all your exciting Golden Week plans!


Our Golden Week park event was lots of fun for students and teachers alike. We got to explore nature, enjoy the sun and the breeze, and play a lot of fun games while learning a lot too! Thank you to all the students and parents that participated! We can’t wait to do it again!